Koda Kumi – New album PV “Whatchu Waitin’ On”

This was aired a month ago, but here it is: the music video for Whatchu Waitin’ On, a song that appears on Koda Kumi‘s newly released Beach Mix remix album. Download it here.

It’s good to see Kuu back after her pregnancy hiatus :). This music video, despite its simplicity, reminds me how much I missed her presence in the music scene. It showcases all the sides of her, from ridiculously goofy and fun to unbelievably sexy. Even after she just had a baby ;).

Whatchu Waitin’ On has a catchy electronic pop sound. I think this is the first time she’s included a new song on a remix album of hers. Quite frankly, she needs to do more of these. Not only do they fit the album’s theme and add value, it’s clear she’s very good at making such fun songs.


Beach Mix CD+DVD.

Beach Mix CD only.


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